Orphan Black Show M. K Seeking Revenge, Alison Tries to Find Out More About Genetically Superior Babies!

Orphan Black Season 4 had started with Sarah being stuck with a cheek worm. With three episodes done, the viewers will see Sarah go to any length to make sure that the gross thing is removed from her teeth, even if it means that she has to work with Ferdinand.

The only person who is capable of taking the worm robot out of Sarah’s gum is Susan Duncan. If Sarah wants to get through to her, she will have to find out the whereabouts of Susan’s captive, Rachel. The only person who can furnish her with that information is, Ferdinand.

Sarah had been able to connect with the elusive M.K, thanks to Dizzy, whom she had met that the Club Neolution, but M.K moves away once she realizes that Sarah has been planning to get through to Ferdinand Chevalier.

M.K’s whole life have been to find out Ferdinand and kill him to avenge the death of her sister, Nikki. Orphan Black shows that M.K goes cold on Sarah when she finds out that Sarah is going to work with Ferdinand and the men of Topside.

Sarah has been taking a large number of risks since the opening of Orphan Black Season 4 and this leads the viewers directly to the research that Cosima and Scott are working on. Indiewire reports that the duo has made a lot of progress with their limited funding and have made some groundbreaking discoveries.

They figure out that the worm inside Sarah’s mouth is slowly changing her DNA and this goes on to explain the numerous risks that Sarah has started taking.

Orphan Black is always known for intense things and it was indeed a surprise to see what the latest episode of the show had to offer. Ferdinand Chevalier is a notorious villain, who doesn’t think twice before killing.

However, it looks like even cold blooded killers need some love. Ferdinand is completely in love with Rachel. He has decided to team up with Sarah only so that they can trace Rachel out in the process.

Ferdinand wants to find Susan Duncan, send her to safety with Sarah. He intends to rescue Rachel from the situation and run away with her. This brings Ferdinand in contact with M.K. M.K tricks him to sit down on a wired bomb and goes on to show how Ferdinand had killed off clones in Helsinki, who had found the truth about their real identity.

In the process Ferdinand killed all their friends and family members as well. M.K was the only one who escaped this gruesome incident.

Ferdinand finds himself bound to a chair and being doused in gasoline. However, lucky for him that Sarah comes in right at that minute. She is able to convince M.K not to kill Ferdinand. However, M.K makes Ferdinand transfer his $3.7 million to her and leaves. She doesn’t seem to care that Sarah needs help with the worm that is slowly changing her DNA.

On the other hand, in Orphan Black, Alison is mistaken to be Beth by Trina. She unknowingly tells Alison that she was a carrier. Alison immediately gets on the mission to find out more about the Lifespring fertility clinic.

She makes Donnie and Felix head over to the clinic to find out more about the program they are running. Orphan Black is going to bring in a hilarious episode where Donnie and Felix will pose as a gay couple who are planning to have a baby.