Orphan Black Season 4: Sneak Peek Hints At Bizarre Scientific Angle, Sarah To Get Neolution Tech Eyeballs!

Sarah Manning was completely destroyed in the third season. Fawcett had said that she is going to have Neolution tech eyeballs. She always wanted to be a mother and she has become one. Sarah will come out of her Icelandic hideout to find Beth Childs even though she isn’t very keen of the whole idea.

According to Entertainment Weekly, BBC America has decided to organize a poster competition for the fans of Orphan Black. One lucky winner will have her design as the official poster for Orphan Black Season 4.

Fans have been invited to send in their entries till 15th February. They are free to make these normal paintings and sketches, or they could be needlework, stop-motion animation, performance art pieces or even sculptures. BBC America has restricted the maximum entry per person to five.

The winner of the contest will receive a cash price of $10,000 along with the chance to host a private screening of the premiere of Orphan Black Season 4 in their hometown. The winner can also invite 50 guests for the premiere. There will also be 20 other finalists who will receive copies of their entries with autographs from the cast of Orphan Black.

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