Orphan Black Season 4: Sneak Peek Hints At Bizarre Scientific Angle, Sarah To Get Neolution Tech Eyeballs!

BBC America has released the sneak peek for the upcoming Orphan Black Season 4 and it is already made a huge impact on the viewers. The trailer was released on the occasion of the TCA winter press tour and it shows that Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) has some secrets in store.

The clip for the fourth season of Orphan Black starts with Sarah being rounded up by two individuals who look like they are EMS personnel. They seem to have been looking for her and while of one of them says that Sarah shouldn’t try to fight them or run away since they have been looking for her for a very long time.

The other isn’t convinced that she is the one that they are looking for. The man unceremoniously searches inside Sarah’s mouth, as if he trying to check something and announces that Sarah isn’t the one that they are looking for.

This weird incident makes Sarah and the audience equally curious. Sarah heads over to meet Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) and talks about the brief encounter she had had with the two strangers. Sarah feels that while she was being held in Dyad, she must have had something implanted in her mouth.

Mrs. S examines the inside of Sarah’s mouth with a light that illuminates her cheeks and fans notice that there is a worm wriggling inside Sarah’s cheek. This scene brings on to mind the finale of Season 3 of Orphan Black where Dr. Nealon (Tom McCamus) leans over Delphine (Evelyne Brochu) and when blood started pouring out of his mind, there is also a worm like creature coming out his mouth.

The worm will give a new angle to the Orphan Black plot line and fans are now eager to know what’s in store next for the clones. John Fawcett, the showrunner of Orphan Black said that it is a mystery that will delve deep into the heart of science that is shown in the show.

Fawcett said that he has some exciting things planned for the fans when Orphan Black Season 4 returns. For now, he is enjoying the kind of reaction that the trailer has garnered and he loves it that the fans are squirming in their seats trying to understand what has happened to Delphine and Sarah.

The sneak peek from Orphan Black Season 4 was shown only to those participating in the TCA, but the photo of the worm inside Sarah’s mouth has been uploaded in the Tumblr account of BBC America.

Zap2It has reported that Graeme Mason, the creator of Orphan Black has said the show will unfold science and bizarre bio-horror in the upcoming season. The science that will be portrayed, Mason said isn’t something that anyone can imagine. It is bizarre, but very interesting.

Apart from this sneak peek, BBC America has also released another tiny trailer that has also given rise to a lot of questions. The trailer focuses on an eye and when it stares a circular machinery seems to be inserted within the pupil.

The machinery looks like a camera lens and the mystery of the whole image is heightened by the background score.Fashion & Style has reported that the eye could belong to a new clone that will be introduced in Orphan Black Season 4.

There are rumors that there will be a new clone called M.K and this eye could be hers. There is another speculation that holds that the eye could be that of Sarah (Rachel Duncan). One of the clones that Fawcett has mentioned while talking about Orphan Black Season 4.