2016 Apple MacBook Pro: Rumored Specs at A Glance, Release Date Pushed Back by Apple to Avoid In-House Competition!

The 2016 Apple MacBook pro is one of the most anticipated devices of the current year. With Apple currently offering the MacBook Pro 2015 at highly discounted rates, speculations are hot that Apple is going to release the MacBook Pro 2016 in the near future.

In an advertisement of Apple Insider, it was announced that the 15 inch MacBook Pro 2015 will be offered to the readers of Apple Insider at a discounted rate along with other freebies.The 2015 MacBook Pro is being offered at a price of $1978, which is significantly lesser than its original price of $2348.

Apart from the price discount, some other things that an Apple Insider reader is set to receive along with the device are a free AppleCare extended warranty protection plan, some extra cash discounts and a brand new Canon PIXMA MG3520 Wireless AirPrint Inkjet Photo All-in-One printer.

The amazing offer does not end here as consumers can avail an additional $70 discount by using the promo code APINSIDER. Shipments will be completely free of charge and even sales tax will not be collected by Adorama on orders that will be shipped outside of NY and NJ.

Other amazing deals are also being offered on the device across various different retail platforms. Experts are of the opinion that this is a strategy to clear out the remaining 2015 Mac Pros from the market before the 2016 MacBook Pro is finally introduced to it.

Some early reports claimed that the device might make an appearance in December 2015, however it was not the case as Apple did not release the 2016 MacBook Pro last year. The source of the claim was pointed out to be a report from Australia Network News which stated that Pike’ Universum was able to locate a new Mac code which hinted towards a brand new MacBook Pro.

It was reported by another popular website that it is unlikely that the device will see the light of the day within the first quarter of 2016. The site stated that the 2016 MacBook Pro will not feature in Apple’s special event which is scheduled to be held in March 2016.

Fans are speculating that this unnamed event is actually the next iteration of Apple’s Spring Forward event. A number of brand new devices from the Apple stable will be unveiled by the company at the event which include the likes of iPhone 6c, the iPad Air 3 and the second generation Apple Watch.

The Apple MacBook Air 2015 was released at around the same time last year which has led fans into believing that the next iteration of the MacBook Air will also be revealed at the March event.

This could be a possible reason behind the MacBook Pro not making it to the list of devices to be revealed at the March event. Apparently, Apple is not releasing the two devices at the same time to avoid any sorts of competition between them. A launch of both the devices at the same time might result in lesser sales for both of them which will ultimately affect the company.

Thus Apple has decided unveil the MacBook Pro at a later date which will ensure that the MacBook Air gets an unsaturated market, which will work towards maximizing its sales.

As for the technical aspects of the 2016 MacBook Pro, rumors are suggesting that the device will come packed with the latest specs. It will run on OS X El Capitan and will also feature the Force Touch technology.