2016 Apple MacBook Pro: Rumored Specs at A Glance, Release Date Pushed Back by Apple to Avoid In-House Competition!

It might come in two variants on the basis of the screen size- one with a 13 inch screen and the other with a 15 inch one. Under the hood it might boast the latest Skylake-U processor from the house of Intel. It will reportedly have an enhanced battery life compared to its predecessor. The USB Type-C which is fast becoming a common inclusion in modern day devices will be featured on the MacBook Pro.

The 15 inch variant of the 2016 MacBook Pro is expected to arrive with a price tag of $1699.Some eagle-eyed fans reportedly caught a glimpse of the device when Apple gave a short tour of their secret design studio.

A few fans caught sight of a device which they believed was the 2016 MacBook Pro. The device had a revamped design and it was spotted sitting in the background when the camera was focused on Bruce Sewel, the general counsel of Apple.

Another reason behind the delay in release of the 2016 MacBook pro is being accounted to the fact that Intel has just started producing the Skylake-U processor on a large scale. Thus it could be assumed that it might take some time for these chips to find their way into the 2016 MacBook Pro.

There has been no confirmation yet from Apple regarding the various rumors surrounding the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro and thus readers are advised to take these doses of rumors with a pinch of salt until the company comes forward with some concrete news.

Stay tuned for more update on 2016 MacBook Pro.