One Direction: Releases Video for History, Rumors of a Split, Tomlinson Spotted with New Baby!

The One Direction fans are super sad. The band has gone on a hiatus after their very last on-air performance and they have now released an emotional video that features all of them, including Zayn Malik.

The video is for their single History and it traces their journey from the days of X Factor that brought the boys to the fore front of the music industry and placed them in the same pedestal as the Beatles almost.

One Direction was one of the most popular British bands of all times. Comprising of Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik, the boys split when Zayn Malik decided to leave the band and focus on his independent career. There hasn’t been any official news that the boys have decided to bid end One Direction, but the Directioners feel that it is inevitable now.

History is the fifth single in album Made in the AM. The track is a tribute to the journey that the band has had and a tribute to the huge fandom that the band enjoys. The Verge reported that One Direction even got some of the fans to lend their voice for the backup track.

History starts with the One Direction coming together. They were created by Simon Cowell after he saw individual performances of the five boys and felt that they would do a better job if they worked together and got them together and made history.

The song shows Zayn Malik is large dose and it shows the huge fan fare surrounding One Direction. With One Direction on a long break, the song was a breath of fresh air for the die-hard fans.

There is a rumor that One Direction isn’t going to come back and this bad news had been given some credibility by the fact that Harry Styles has changed his PR agency for the first time since the band came together.

Each of the boys had been handled by Hackford Jones, the company that Simon Cowell had chosen for the band. Now with Zayn Malik breaking away from the band, Harry Styles has also followed his foot-steps and has changed his PR, which has fuelled rumors that he is likely to move away from One Direction.

Harry Styles has decided to start over with Dawbell, who are known to have worked with artists like 5 Seconds of Summer, Take That and Sir Paul McCartney in UK. Harry Styles has left his band mates from One Direction and seems to be looking for a career on his individual merit.

Unreality TV has reported that One Direction isn’t coming back together after the hiatus that they have taken. Each of the boys has a future carved out for themselves and they are moving past their days as One Direction.

Liam Payne is going to start working with Jennifer Lopez. He will be songwriting for top artist and has already started his work with Juicy J. Louis Tomlinson is also going to concentrate on song writing and is ready to start work with Sony who owns his record print.

It is reported that he wants to be someone like Simon Cowell in the music industry.

Zayn Malik had gone his separate way last year. He is set to release his first single Pillow Talk on coming Friday. The song is about intimacy and it has gotten fans wondering if it about his ex Perrie Edwards or his new girlfriend Gigi Hadid.