Kingdom Hearts 3: to Release in 2017, Likely to Feature Tigger and Pooh!

Square Enix is doing a very good job about keeping things under wrap when it comes to the upcoming game Kingdom Hearts 3. It was reported that the game will be released in 2017, and this news was in fact confirmed by none other than the director of Square Enix, Tetsuya Nomura.

Nomura also revealed that Square Enix is striving to make Kingdom Hearts 3 way better than Kingdom Hearts 2. The game developers have incorporated very many changes to enhance the gaming experience. With the advancement in technology, there is better hardware for the developers to use and they have generously used it.

Nomura added that these hardware updates were available even when they were working on the previous installment, but they learnt a lot from the earlier version and hence decided to make certain changes in the latest one.

There have been no updates on what fans can expect from the game except that there are some massive changes in the combats. According to Parent Herald there is going to be a new character in Kingdom Hearts 3.

When Tetsuya Nomura was asked about the possibility of any new characters being incorporated, he said that there is going to be something on those lines, but he will not disclose anything else.

Kingdom Hearts Insider that reveals fresh scoops from inside the world of Kingdom Hearts has let out a big secret. They have reported that the new character who will be featured in the game will be Tigger and Winnie the Pooh.

This news was also hinted by Jim Cunnings, the voice actor. He had remarked that it was fun to record the dialogues, but added that it was difficult to work on the original Japanese script.

Jim Cummings had revealed that Winnie the Pooh will feature in Kingdom Hearts 3 in the first part of January, but he recently spoke at a forum and went against the claims he had made. It looks like Square Enix wasn’t very happy about Jim Cummings revealing their game details and he was asked to not make any further claims on the matter.

Gaming Bolt reported that it might so that Jim Cummings was hired by Square Enix at the early stage of game development and hence he might have made a remark about something that has now been changed. In that case, there are chances that Winnie the Pooh and Tigger have been left out of Kingdom Hearts 3 finally.

Gamerampage has informed that the voice actors are hired by the game developers at the early stage of the game. Jim Cummings had spoken about how interesting the whole process of recording was.

He also said that the whole process is done and he isn’t in a position to make any further comments; then it points to the fact that the development process of the game is somewhere in the middle.

Movie Pilot has reported that Kingdom Hearts 3 will start incorporating characters from other Disney movies as well as from other franchises from Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars.

While this is a very interesting proposition, there is skepticism about how well these characters will fit in with the adventures undertaken by Sora.

There was a discussion initiated by Movie Pilot where fans were asked about which films they would like to watch in Kingdom Hearts 3. There were fans who said that they would love to see Kim Possible team up with Sora. While it doesn’t quite fit, it Kim Possible is Disney’s longest running animated series and this gives it enough credibility.