Kingdom Hearts 3: to Release in 2017, Likely to Feature Tigger and Pooh!

Others had asked for Indiana Jones, High School Musical and the team from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. However, none of them come from a world that will readily fit into the world of Kingdom Hearts 3. The addition to the characters in Kingdom Hearts franchise isn’t because they are popular, but also because it seems to go well with the idea of the game.

Square Enix is doing all it can to make things hidden when it comes to Kingdom Hearts 3. With the development process expected to be somewhere in the middle or towards the end, there’s a chance that the game is going to be released in this very year.

With all these news circulating on the internet, fans are hoping that Square Enix reveals the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3. There are numerous new features and elements that are being added on the game and this might cause a delay in the final release of the game, but fans are hoping that the Kingdom Hearts doesn’t postpone beyond 2017.

Fans are patiently waiting for Square Enix to release Kingdom Hearts 3 to see who is going to join Soru, Donald Duck and Goofy on an epic adventure. Visit the page for more news on Kingdom Hearts 3.