One Direction News: Perrie Edwards Standing by Zayn’s Decision to Quit, And More!

Zayn Malik was thrashed online by fans and Directioners who called him a coward and a loser for his decision to quit the boy-band, but Perrie Edwards feels it was the best thing to do. Malik’s fiancée Perrie Edwards believes that his inability to cope with the massive fame was taking a toll on his mental health and in such a situation the decision to quit the band will do him good.

Perrie didn’t know how badly Zayne was affected with the whole fame, fortune and fan-following craze during his time with One Direction. She realised how he was affected only after he had quit the band. As a supporting and loving girlfriend, she is standing by his decision. The young couple are holidaying in southern France.

Zayn has been practising transcendental meditation to deal with stress, and this has got him focused on what he should do next and how he should do it.

Perrie Edwards, who is a member of Little Mix, has come under fire from One Direction fans. Fans claim that it was she who had convinced Zayn to quit the band. Perrie has been compared to Yoko Ono for her role in Zayn’s decision.

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