Once Upon A Time Season 5: Journey to Camelot, Regina Not Evil Enough, Zelena Is Back, And More Details

Hook uses this to joke that Regina who had started out to be the most evil character in Storybrooke, has turned so good now that she doesn’t have enough evil to use an object to rescue someone from the dark side.

Lana Parrilla spoke to Yahoo! and shared her views on how it feels to become the hero of Once Upon A Time from the Evil Queen she had debuted as. She said that Regina had never thought that she would have a family of her own, after she started changing, she did and now she is genuinely happy.

Lana Parrilla said that she loves how Regina fights to constantly grow and better herself and she feels it is a privilege to play one of the most interesting and complex characters on the show.

Regina in Once Upon A Time Season 5, not only has to rescue Emma, but also keep a check on her half-sister, Zelena, the Wicked Witch. Regina isn’t very happy with the fact that Zelena is pregnant with Robin’s baby, but she knows that this can wait until Emma is rescued.

Fans are hoping that Emma, who had sacrificed herself to protect Storybrooke from the evil clutches of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, will be saved soon in the upcoming season.

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