Once Upon A Time Season 5: Journey to Camelot, Regina Not Evil Enough, Zelena Is Back, And More Details

Fans have been waiting for a very long time for the premiere of Once Upon A Time Season 5 and the date is finally here. The season premiere is set to happen on Sunday night in ABC. With the show releasing, there are already a lot of speculations that are doing the rounds about the show.

Once Upon A Time Season 5 is going to feature the rise of the Dark Swan. Jennifer Morrison, the show’s protagonist, has always been the hero for the characters living in Storybrooke. The season finale of Season 4 brought in an interesting twist and turned the hero into the darkest villain.

The second half of Once Upon A Time Season 4 had been hinting about the possibility of Emma turning into an evil character, but fans did not want to see the obvious, or rather they never expected that the story would take such an unexpected turn.

Once Upon A Time Season 5 will see the other characters from Storybrooke making a journey to Camelot. The main reason for heading that way is to take help from Merlin and try to find a way to rescue Emma back from the dark side.

With Camelot coming into the picture, there will be new characters coming into the picture. Season 5 of Once Upon A Time is going to see Arthur and Merida from Brave, apart from the Knights from Arthur’s Round Table.

According to Entertainment Weekly Camelot has a very important connection with the whole plot. This connection was revealed in a spoiler and the fans who read it couldn’t believe how brilliant the whole thing was.

TV Line has revealed that while the main crux of the plot for the fifth season will focus on Emma and the attempts of the other characters to rescue her, there is going to be some emphasis on the plot dealing with Zelena.

Zelena is going to try and get her powers back this season, but there was nothing mentioned about how she is going to make that happen. Fans will have to wait for the season premiere for this bit of information.

The synopsis for Once Upon A Time Season 5 states that the Dark Swan is trying to find a heart and it is not only the concerned person who is supposed to be worried, there is another person who is set to rip away another character’s heart in the very first episode.

ABC has revealed sneak peeks of the upcoming season and one of them show Emma chasing Merida. Emma tells Merida that she is the possessor of an object that will help Emma remove the dark magic. Once Merida hears the whole story, she agrees to fight Emma for the object without using any magic.

There is yet another sneak peek that focuses on Emma and Hook. It is believed that since Camelot is a romantic place, there is likely to be some moment between the two. If Emma is now the Dark One then Hook also has had his own skirting with the evil side.

In their journey to rescue Emma, Regina, Hook and the other characters are given an object that will help them get her back. However, the object can be used by a character who has both good and evil. Regina, it is believed will be able to handle it, but supposedly she doesn’t have enough evil in her to do it.