Fallout 4: DLC Won’t be Exclusive to Any Particular Platform, Season Pass Available for $30, And More

Bethesda marketing executive Pete Hines was asked on Twitter by a fan, whether the DLCs for Fallout 4, would be available to the Xbox One platform first and then on other platforms or whether it would be made available to all the platforms at the same time.

Hines replied to the query by saying that Bethesda has no plans regarding releasing platform exclusive DLCs.

Fallout 4 is an upcoming open-world RPG by Bethesda studios which is scheduled to be released on November 11, 2015 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It will be the latest addition to the popular Fallout franchise created by Bethesda. Fallout 4 won’t be available for Xbox 360 and PS3 as the graphics of the game and technologies used in it are too advanced to run on the outdated gaming consoles.

According to a popular website, it was previously announced by Bethesda that it will offer a Fallout 4 Season Pass to fans which will cost $30. The Season Pass will come with all the DLCs for Fallout 4 that the studio is going to roll out.

A spokesperson for the company said that they are still working on the development of the game and thus they are not yet sure as to what form the DLC might take. He also said that the DLCs won’t be available for download until 2016.

Based on the studio’s previous works on games like Fallout 3 and Skyrim, the DLC for Fallout 4 will cost a minimum of $40, the spokesperson said.

Whereas, fans, who would buy the Season Pass for $30, will get access to all the DLC that Bethesda releases for Fallout 4 for that one single bargain price.

Bethesda is also planning to release regular updates for the game which would be made available to fans for free. These updates will be designed to fix bugs and problems that may pop up while playing the game and will also add new features to the game.

Bethesda also said that it would work in coalition with the fans, to get an idea about what new features they want to see added to the game or any other tweaks that could be done to improve the gaming experience, and then try to incorporate the same into the game.

Another interesting post from another site stated that Fallout 4’s Creation kit is also arriving in 2016. This kit is reportedly believed to be the exact same tool that the designers and developers at Bethesda use to create content for the game. This kit could be used by fans to create mods for the game and some of these mods will come out to Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Fans are both eager and excited for the upcoming Fallout 4 game. Before the game is rolled out here’s a quick look at some of the key aspects which were revealed during this year’s E3.

The game will reportedly provide over 70 hours of gameplay to gamers which is believed to be the highest in regards to gameplay when compared to previous Fallout games.

The game allows gamers to select whether they would play as a man or woman and lets them personalize their character as per their choice.

Like in Fallout 3,players, in Fallout 4, will have the freedom to play the game in third person or first person whichever mode suits them best. A brand new feature, Dogmeat, is added to this installment of Fallout. Dogmeat is the canine companion to the only survivor in Fallout 4.