Fallout 4: DLC Won’t be Exclusive to Any Particular Platform, Season Pass Available for $30, And More

Dogmeat will be a great companion to the player when wandering in the wastelands. It could be useful by the players for various reasons. It could warn the player by growling if it sees enemies nearby or it could also be used as a distraction while setting up shots from the Vault-Tec-Assisted-Targeting-System.

The best feature about Dogmeat is that it cannot die and so could be safely used for any of its available purposes by the players without having to worry about its death.

Players are suggested not to zoom through the story missions in a hurry as there are a lot of things that could be done and discovered in the wastelands.

An elaborate customization system will also be featured in the game and this feature won’t be limited to just weapons and items. Players will be able to customize other things in the game along with the weapons and items.

With progress in the game the character with which the player is playing the game starts leveling up and as the character starts leveling up, players can choose perks from the available 70 perks of the perk tree. Players will need to have a Special rank to access a particular perk. Each perk is further subdivided into a mini tree which could be upgraded to unlock and access the different abilities listed under that head.

Readers can have a look at this video to better understand the character-system of the game.

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