Once Upon A Time Season 5: Emma Disappears, Merlin and King Arthur Set to Come in, More Details

Once Upon a Time producer and writer Adam Horowitz has confirmed the news that the popular fantasy series will introduce some new faces from folklore in Season 5. There were speculations that with the characters heading to Camelot in search for Merlin, well known names from folklore might be introduced along the course of their journey.

With Merlin and Camelot coming into the picture, fans can expect the legendary character of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table to appear in Once Upon A Time Season 5. Elliot Knight who is well known for his portrayal of Sinbad is set to play the role of Merlin.

Joana Metrass, who is a Portuguese actress, is going to the role of Queen Guinevere, wife of King Arthur. Liam Garrigan is going to playing the role of King Arthur. With Sinqua Walls set to play the role of the famous knight Lancelot, fans can expect some romantic drama in the upcoming season.

There is news that the role of Percival, one of King Arthur’s most trusted knight will be played by Andrew Jenkins.

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