Once Upon A Time Season 5: Emma Disappears, Merlin and King Arthur Set to Come in, More Details

All the Once Upon A Time fans that missed the D23 Expo that was recently held in Anaheim, California need not get sad because ABC has posted a sneak peek video of Once Upon A Time Season 5 premiere on their website.

The D23 Expo revealed to the fans the first official glimpse of the upcoming season and it was something that fans can’t stop talking about it. At the Once Upon A Time: An Evening With Snow White & The Evil Queen panel discussion fans were treated to the glimpse of the first episode of Once Upon a Time Season 5.

Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) was there with Regina (Lana Parrilla). They were accompanied by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis who are the co-creators of the series. The four of them interacted with the fans and spoke about Jennifer Morrison who plays Emma Swan and now will also be portraying the Dark One. The discussion even included the new character Merida from Brave, who will be played by the actress Amy Manson.

The video that the fans were treated to gives them an idea about what they can expect in Once Upon A Time Season 5. The one thing that the fans noticed in the trailer was that Emma Swan, who is one of the key characters in the series is missing from action.

The trailer started off from exactly where it had left in the fourth season. Emma was swallowed by the dark cloud and the dagger that belonged to the Dark One fell on the ground. The blade of the dagger had once belonged to Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) but it now has Emma’s name engraved on it.

Regina is furious at Emma and tries to understand how she could something as stupid as this. It is then that Snow reminds Regina that Emma has saved her life after all. However, Regina not one to listen and proclaims that Emma is now a problem for them all.

While Snow continues to insist that Emma is not going to be harmed, Regina refuses to calm down. She says that Emma has been taken away by the vortex of evil and it is a reason good enough for the residents of Storybrooke to panic.

There is one person who isn’t ready to give up on Emma and that is her lover, Hook (Colin O’Donoghue). Even though Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) tries to stall him, Hook manages to lunge for the dagger that bears Emma’s name now and make a desperate attempt at saving her.

Hook earnestly holds on to the dagger and calls out for the Dark One to appear, but she doesn’t show her face. He is puzzled and wonders that this should work since whoever has the dagger can summon the Dark One from any corner of the world, to which Regina adds that Emma isn’t in this world for her to respond.

The official synopsis of Once Upon A Time Season 5 says that the saviour of the fairytale characters in the series has turned evil. She has transformed from Emma Swan to the Dark One. With Emma gone, the characters will start out on their search for Merlin. If there is one person who can bring back Emma is Merlin.

On their journey from the Enchanted Forest to Camelot they will meet with a lot of surprises on the road. The panel at D23 has already informed excited fans that Merida from Brave is going to join the star cast of other fairy tale characters and it looks like this season is set to be a rather interesting one.