Olivia Benson Could Be Blamed By William For His Son’s Death, What Role Does Tucker Play In Benson’s Life? Let’s See

They certain have an aura of invulnerability, but that is not the reality. The show wanted to pay respect to the officers who risk their lives every day and whose families are never sure if they’ll return home for dinner.

Mike is gone, but life will go on for the remaining cast members. In these trying times, we can expect that Benson will become her team’s rock. SVU will always remember Mike’s valuable sacrifice.

Game Guide reported that his absence would change the squad forever. In the meantime, Dodds Sr. and Benson needs to set aside their feelings and work together for a better future.

In case you don’t know it yet, Season 17 finale featured the death of Dodds while he was on duty. In the shocking season ending, we saw him get shot by a reprobate corrections officer because he wanted to taste freedom after being held captive.

The event was pretty heartbreaking for the entire squad, especially Benson. It was heart-wrenching for Deputy Chief William Dodds since he had to turn off his life-support after realizing that his son no longer had any hope.

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