No Man’s Sky: Hello Games Reveals Release Date, Promo to be Used by Sony!

Murray said that the VR is one of the best tools to enjoy sci-fi and that the headsets are the best way to maximize the fun of the game. For the avid gamers who want to explore the universe of No Man’s Sky, Sony’s VR headset is the best gaming accessory.

The fans of No Man’s Sky aren’t being able to wait any further and now the new trailer of the game has made the wait much harder for them. The video of No Man’s Sky has the voice-over by Rutger Hauer. It tells that players about the universe of the game and the fun things they can do in it.

The video hinted that the game play is going to be about exploring the universe and finding out that the universe is way more than just the sun, the moon and the stars. There are numerous planets that are yet to be explored and these planets are all different and are rich in minerals and other resources.

No Man’s Sky isn’t going to be a PS4 exclusive. Rather it is going to be available in PS3 and PC format apart from the regular PS4. Sony has, however, has informed that a Mac and an Xbox One version of No Man’s Sky is difficult to get at this point.

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