No Man’s Sky: Hello Games Reveals Release Date, Promo to be Used by Sony!

The one game that every gamer wants to play is the one developed by Hello Games called No Man’s Sky. There were a lot of speculation about when the much awaited game is going to release and Hello Games has finally come out with date. According to them No Man’s Sky is going to be out in next year in June.

The main reason for the hype surrounding the game is the 18 quintillion planets that are there in the gameplay. It is believed that the universe of the game is so vast that no gamer will be able to finish the game in their lifetime.

Each of these 18 quintillion planets have their own features and game play and it is very difficult for a player to meet another player while playing the game because of the sheer size of the universe in No Man’s Sky.

Sean Murray, the creator of No Man’s Sky has revealed that the game can be played as a multiplayer, but it won’t be like the other games since the players will be on their own and in different parts of the game even if they are playing it in the multiplayer mode.

Design and Trend has reported that No Man’s Sky will be used for Sony’s PlayStation Experience promo. PlayStation blog had released a list with almost 50 names, but it has since then been narrowed down to 30 and among them No Man’s Sky and Uncharted 4 has been confirmed.

The tie-up between No Man’s Sky and Sony had already been revealed when it was decided that the game is going to be released with the Sony VR headsets. The rumor mills even suggested that the developers at Hello Games were ready with No Man’s Sky, but they aren’t being able to release it because they have to wait for Sony to be done with the VR headsets.

MNR Daily reported that there were rumors that Hello Games might have to postpone the release of No Man’s Sky since there were some technical glitches that require a lot of work. Hello Games is very particular about the kind of product they are releasing in the market and they weren’t ready to compromise on the quality to match up to the deadline.

This news that caused a lot of uproar since Sean Murray had once spoken about the importance of sticking to a deadline. He had mentioned that the fans have already been waiting for a very long time for the game to be finished and it would be unfair for them if Hello Games did not stick to the dates that they have announced.

Following these rumors and speculations, Hello Games has revealed that they have no such technical problems in No Man’s Sky and that the game is going to be out on the expected time, i.e. sometime around June 2016. They have also urged the fans to not pay heed to the rumors going round and to look at the official website for whatever information they need.

The Australian Network News has reported that the speculated delay in No Man’s Sky is not because of any problems within the gaming software, but because of Sony. When Gamesradar asked Sean Murray about the tie up with Sony VR headsets, he refused to give out a lot of information since he was unsure about how much he was allowed to speak.