No Confirmed Release Date for Pokémon Go Yet, The Latest Updates On the Subject Arrive from the Beta Testers!

The simulation even allows further room for involvement to the user by enabling them to collect Pokémon eggs from pokestops, which have been fashioned in the likes of famous monuments, public museums and art galleries from across the world.

Apart from training, capturing, and going on exploratory journeys in search of Pokémon, this interface allows the user to fight other Pokémon trainers at the various gyms. One can even team up with his friends to fight such battles.

In trying to Keep true to the feel of the animation itself, there will be rare Pokémon, which shall be harder to come by. While, there will be water type Pokémon, which can only be spotted in the vicinity of lakes, streams or other water bodies. Needless to say, one shouldn’t be surprised if we come across a fire-breathing Pokémon in our journey near volcanoes.

The debate has been on for quite some time about the release date of the title. However, the designers remain reluctant to announce a formal release date, for they would like to carry out a few more testing to ensure optimum satisfaction of its target consumer. So far it has been able to intrigue and retain consumer attention.

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