Nintendo UK Teases Upcoming DLC For Mario Kart 8, Likely To Introduce The Kalimari Desert, Fans Excited About The Additional Features!

Nintendo worked real hard on Mario Kart 8, and the result was hands down, brilliant. Mario Kart 8 incorporated many of the old features from the previous games since they appealed to the players. The first thing that players noticed about Mario Kart 8 was that it had customizable karts and gliders that were similar to that in Mario Kart 7.

Even though Mario Kart 8 kept the old karts from Mario Kart 7, it brought about an interesting feature that won the hearts of the players. They introduced zero gravity race where the visuals and the gameplay were highly impressive. The players enjoyed moving their karts up and down the walls and trying to hit their opponents so that they could get some extra boost in their speed.

The other things that regular players of Mario Kart loved in Mario Kart 8 were the expansive number of tracks that were available. Even three years down the line, there aren’t any player who has complained about the tracks becoming boring. Mario Kart generally doesn’t come up with DLCs, but it was different for Mario Kart 8.

The DLCs brought in impressive features that only helped enhance the gameplay and make sure that the players never tire of playing the game.

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