Nintendo Is Taking a Great Risk with Pokemon GO, New Pokemon GO Plus Accessory to Sport a Steep Price Tag!

The fact that this company is taking such a massive risk is thoroughly exciting and adventurous. At the same time, there was nothing much left to do.

Nintendo really needed this since the Wii U was a major disappointment. People are already a lot familiar with the ways in which they interact with Nintendo characters.

With Pokemon Go, things will be a lot different exciting. People will generally love the idea of exploring their city, looking for new Pokemon.

Ingress gamers always wanted such an element but that never happened. People who have a strong affinity towards Pokemon will love the concept of obsessively collecting in Augmented Reality.

Meanwhile, the Pokemon Go Plus accessory comes at a really steep price, comparable to the cost of a new 3DS title. For the veteran and hardcore players, this wearable will definitely be worth it. This will be the only way in which you can play the game without using your smartphone.

If it blinks blue, a Pokemon is near you and you can simply go ahead and catch it. If the light pattern turns rainbow color, it means you succeeded in catching it and a red light will denote failure.

In the end, it will be a long wait for fans planning to grab hold of Pokemon Go. At the same time, people are not fully convinced that it will be a great title.Till then, the recently released videos will be a great treat for Pokemon fans.

Stay tuned for more updates!