Ni No Kuni 2: Will Release Exclusively for the PS4, Likely to Launch on Other Platforms in the Future, And More

The last Ni No Kuni game made its appearance back in 2013 as a PS 3 exclusive game and it was called- Ni No Kuni: Wrath of The White Witch. This game is set to get a sequel in the form of Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. This upcoming iteration of the Ni No Kuni franchise will be released for Play Station 4 only.

While no specific release date for the game has been announced yet officially, Bandai Namco, the publishers of the game had recently stated that Ni No Kuni 2 is coming soon.

Hervé Hoerdt, Bandai Namco Europe’s Vice President of marketing and digital stated that Bandai Namco and Level 5 has once again decided to work in collaboration to bring to fans yet another game of the Ni No Kuni franchise.

He further added that it is always special for them to take fans on a charming and magical adventure to a unique world with Ni No Kuni.

The upcoming game will come with a storyline in which a boy king named Evan is unlawfully removed from his throne by some usurpers and his kingdom is being overpowered by the darkness.

The main objective of Evan in the game will be to take back his kingdom, defeating the darkness in the process. He will be accompanied in his quest by Roland and many other characters, with the help of whom he has to obtain victory over the darkness that is menacing his kingdom.

The predecessor of Ni No Kuni 2, the Ni No Kuni: Wrath of The White Witch was well received by fans; however, certain minor flaws in the game were also pointed out by fans and experts.

A popular website had reported that the way the characters are designed in the game, it becomes very difficult to distinguish between a male and a female especially when the male character’s dialogues are voiced by a woman.

The combat sequences which pop up in close successions also tend to become tedious after a certain period of time. The frequent loading screens are also a downside for the game.

The simple task of getting from one place to another was riddled with a number of combat sequences along with a host of loading screens which somewhat marred the gaming experience. A fewer and more meaningful combat sequences could have been better for a game like Ni No Kuni.

It will be in the best interest of the game if the developers remove these mistakes from the upcoming Ni No Kuni 2 as doing so will ensure a smoother gaming experience for fans and improve the overall gameplay of the game.

The trailer released for the game showed that the game retains the cartoony graphics of its predecessor which was greatly praised by fans. The character models of the game have been improved and they appear sharper than the ones in the previous game which is definitely a major improvement.

It has not yet been officially announced yet, but speculations are stating that Studio Ghibli, the company that looked into the graphics department of the previous game, will create the graphics for this game too.

The game has been announced as a PS4 exclusive game, but according to a source, there is a possibility that the developers might release the game for other platforms sometime in the future.

A slight discrepancy was noted by some fans who watched the trailer that was released at the second annual PlayStation Experience expo in San Francisco.

Some fans noticed that the presenter described the game as PS4 exclusive, however, the text shown at the end of the trailer showed the words “console debut” instead of something like “timed exclusive” or “platform exclusive”.