New Hotfix and Update Released for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Ignition DLC for The Game to Release in April? Let’s See

  • An issue which would make the Fury Song icon visible when a player was able to record a kill with the Combat Knife in the Killfeed will also be fixed by the update.
  • In Search and Destroy in Hardcore Mode, the update will add ricochet damage for players who are planting bombs.

A few tweaks will also be introduced by the update to two weapons. These are the ICR-1 and the Iron Jim. The accuracy of the ICR-1 will be increased by the update and its recoil will be reduced. As for the Iron Jim, its fixed consecutive attack speed will become similar to that of the consecutive speeds of other weapons.

In the Arena department, the update brings the following tweaks-

  • Matchmaking will be improved.
  • A neutral state will be added to the options of ban or protect.
  • Even after pressing Done, players will now be able to go on editing streaks and classes.
  • An issue which would split the Parties during Arena match search will also be fixed by the update.
  • NX Shadow Claw will be added to custom game competitive options.

Apart from these, the update also brings several other adjustments and tweaks to the Zombies mode, challenges, Dead Ops Arcade II, maps and score streaks.

Stay tuned for more update on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.