Kingdom Hearts 3 Actors Confirm the Return of Two Major Characters, Kingdom Hearts 3 Ranked Within Top 10 of Famitsu Charts!

The voice actors for Kingdom Hearts III seem to have confirmed two characters who are returning for the PS4 and Xbox One game. Among them, you will find Final Fantasy VII’s anti-hero, Cloud Strife.

The news was released to Design & Trend via Strife actor Steve Burton along with 2 Men and the Mouse Disney Podcast. Both of the sources have combined for some rather interesting developments.

Firstly, it seems like there is a considerable amount of assurance regarding the fact that Cloud Strife will have a place in the upcoming game. Burton was asked by a fan whether he had done any recording for Kingdom Hearts III and he replied that he was doing something in a few weeks and if there are any updates, he would immediately let his followers know.

Meanwhile, if Cloud Vocals are on Steve’s schedule, it is possible that Kingdom Hearts 3 includes the presence of the Final Fantasy icon in some way. Meanwhile, Bill Farmer, Disney’s resident Goofy specialist issued a similar statement.

He was asked about his involvement with the project and he said that he has been making progress on vocals for several years, on and off. Farmer further cautioned that the last session was more than a year ago.

He further admitted that he doesn’t know why it is taking so long and admitted that it is probably that massive and should be worth the wait. Meanwhile, it is no surprise for Kingdom Hearts fans that Cloud and Goofy will be returning to the franchise. The last time players witnessed Cloud was when he was battling with darkness along with Sephiroth in the Dark Depths.

It is still unknown as to what happened to the fight. The arc of Goofy is somewhat similar. Just before the protagonist began “Kingdom Hearts II’s” final boss battle with Xemnas, he separated from Sora. Goofy is the player’s partner throughout all of Kingdom Hearts series and there is no way that the cliffhanger wouldn’t be addressed by the third installment in a satisfying way.

It was earlier tweeted by Farmer that Kingdom Hearts 3 would release in 2015. The chance has come and gone and current speculations suggest a 2016 or a 2017 release. Presently, Kingdom Hearts III is in development for PS4 and Xbox One.

The latest rankings in Famitsu’s list of most-anticipated games include Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 7 and Persona 5 in the top 10 list. They have all been among the most anticipated games for quite a long time and this is hardly a new thing. The games are quite popular even though they have not all been part of the top 10. No one yet knows when they are going to hit the theaters.

Final Fantasy 15 has been on the top of the list the position of this game has remained rather constant and it has been this way for quite a while now. With Kingdom Hearts 3 for PS4 coming in at the number 7 spot, Persona 5 has managed to grab the second spot on the list.

The fact that Persona 5 manages to stay at the top of the list is quite impressive even though there hasn’t been a lot of talk about the series yet.

Games which have been facing a lot of hype are Kingdom Hearts 3 which makes headlines again and again while Final Fantasy 7 remake is enjoying some hype as well. It should be further noted that only 11 votes separate Final Fantasy 15 and Persona 5.

It means that the two games could eventually trade spots in the most anticipated rankings, sooner or later.

Meanwhile, we are still waiting to find out any information about the release dates of these major titles. In E3 2015, it was revealed that Kingdom Hearts 3 is a direct sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2 from 2005.