Jennifer Lopez On the Run for Emmy for Shades of Blue, Boyfriend Lands a Role in Dirty Dancing, Spends Time with Her Twins!

Jennifer Lopez is making ripples with her role as Detective Harlee Santos in the new series on NBC called Shades of Blue. The actress has been balancing the new series with her Las Vegas residency as well as a stint in the upcoming episode of American Idol.

Lopez is 46-years-old, but she doesn’t look her age at all. She has been driven and dedicated to her work and doesn’t feel like it’s time to move on from it all.

Shades of Blue has become a very popular and it is surprising how from being the producer of the series, Jennifer Lopez ended up being the star of the show. She didn’t want to do the role initially, but now when she has realized what the role means she isn’t ready to trade it off. There are speculations that she might bag the Emmy for the role.

Jennifer Lopez revealed that the show is a huge undertaking and she isn’t herself in it. She has to be the character of Harlee Santos and that is very different from someone she is in real life.

She joked about how her cast mates came to cheer her for her opening night at Las Vegas and they were surprised at the Jennifer Lawrence that they saw on the stage. They kept asking who the person was and she had to tell them that the person on stage was the real her and the person they see is actually Harlee Santos.

The show is an intense one and Jennifer Lopez has to channelize something from inside to stay focused. The cast shoots for two episodes together and given the kind of atmosphere on the show, the ambience on the sets become the same. The character of Harlee Santos has a lot of things going on and she has to remember all those nuances and they tend to get taxing.

Jennifer Lopez said that the character of Harlee Santos is a very intense one and she has to get into the zone of the character to go and give her shot. She usually works well alone and that is exactly what she does before the shot is ready. She rehearses her lines on her own and goes over it with her assistant and waits inside until she is called for the shot.

Her Las Vegas residency had started at the same time as Shades of Blue and Jennifer Lopez reveals that sometimes things become messed inside her head. She doesn’t have the scope to slip since time is precious and she likes to be on the top of her game.

She knows that with so many things in her hand, things are going to get very hectic, but she knows that if she stays focused and stays calm, she will be able to make everything possible.

Jennifer Lopez has her twins who are also vying her attention all the time. She spoke about them to Glamour and said that they were very excited about her Las Vegas residency and her daughter, Emme wanted to stay awake to watch her perform.

Lopez allowed her to do that for the first night, but thereafter has made a strict rule that they have to head to bed.

Jennifer Lopez is going places and so is her boyfriend, Casper Smart. The actor choreographer who was a back-up dancer for Jennifer Lopez, has landed the role of Billy Kostecki in the television remake of the famous film Dirty Dancing. Casper Smart will be joining the cast of Dirty Dancing with other big names like Abigail Breslin, Colt Prattes, Sarah Hyland, Debra Messing, Billy Dee Williams and Nicole Scherzinger.