New Hotfix and Update Released for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Ignition DLC for The Game to Release in April? Let’s See

The Awakening DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was just rolled out by Treyarch and fans have already started speculating about the next expansion pack for the game. Awakening brought four brand new maps to the game which are- Rise, Gauntlet, Splash and Skyjacked.

A new episode to the Zombies mode of the game was also brought forth by the DLC. Rumors regarding the next DLC for the game, which has been titled Ignition suggest that another episode might get added to the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 through it.

There more DLCs for the game are likely to be released by Treyarch in the ongoing year. Video Games Blogger listed the possible release dates of these expansion packs. It stated that the first DLC might be released on April 5 for PlayStation 4.

The second one might be rolled out by the developers on June 7 for PlayStation 4 and the final one on August 9 for the same platform. It was also reported that fans who play the game on PC and Xbox One will be able to get their hands on the first DLC on May 5.

For the second one, they will have to wait till July 7 and the third one will be released on September 8. It was seen in the case of the Awakening DLC that the developers released it first for PlayStation 4 on Feb 2. For PC and Xbox One, the expansion pack was rolled out a month later on March 3.

Keeping that in mind it is being assumed that Treyarch will do the same with the upcoming DLCs too and releases them first for PlayStation 4 and then for PC and Xbox One at a later point of time. It should however be noted that the dates listed by Video Games Blogger have not yet been confirmed by the developers and thus there is no guarantee that the DLCs will release on the mentioned dates.

As for the content of the upcoming DLC, it is being rumored that it will come withthree brand new maps alongside the new Zombies episode. Fans have been requesting the developers on the various community forums to bring back the Raid Black Ops 3 map to the game. However, the developers are yet to comment on this particular matter.

In other news, the developers released a brand new hotfix for the game. This update which is numbered,brings a number of tweaks to the game. The announcement came from David Vonderhaar via Twitter.

He listed the tweaks and changes that the hotfix will bring. Firstly, the max fire rate of the MR6 will be reduced by the hotfix. Secondly, bugs and errors fixes for the Ante-Up perk, weapons pickups, prone players and Safeguard robot will also be introduced by the update.

Lastly, the issue with Margwas agro, DG-4 and duplicated Upgraded bows will also get fixed by the latest update.

Another hotfix was also released by the developers in the past. However, this one did not bring anything significant to the game. It was just used by the developers to bring an end to the Double Weapon XP event that was recently held.

Just in the recent past, the developers had released a new patch for all the platforms of the game. This update was numbered 1.07 and it included several gameplay fixes and performance tweaks.

It brought about a few fixes to the general gameplay of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 which include-

  • Fixing of an issue in which a white image was seen appearing when a Fury Song kill was recorded by a player in the Killfeed.
  • A ricochet damage was added in the Hardcore Modes for those who owned the Care Package.