New Characters To Be Introduced In Agents Of Shield Season 4, Who Will Replace Paulson As The Director? Major Theme To Deal With Life Model Decoys!

There are going to be a host of new characters in Agents of SHIELD Season 4. ABC has already confirmed that Agents of SHIELD Season 4 is going to introduce Druid, Carlos Ayala, and Robert Gamorra.

These three characters are going to come together to form a team that is going to be led by Daisy/ Quake (Chloe Bennet). These three characters have previously appeared in the comic book, where they were part of a special unit termed Secret Warriors.

Since the angle of the Secret Warriors has been introduced in Agents of SHIELD Season 4, the fans of the series are excited to know if Ghost Rider, is going to be made a part of the upcoming season as well. This won’t be the first time that Ghost Rider is speculated to be a part of the next season of Agents of SHIELD.

There has been a report by International Business Times, which stated that there is a chance of a character being introduced in Season 4 who brandishes a burning chain. While some claimed that this new character is likely to be Hellfire, there were some who felt that the SHIELD is likely to bring in Johnny Blaze/ Ghost Rider.

The character of the Ghost Rider doesn’t come equipped with any special powers except for when he had to deal with the devil and ended up being cursed by him. After the curse, Ghost Rider continued to roam around in the night with his body turned into a skeleton on fire. The Ghost Rider is one of the most popular characters in Marvel, and the inclusion of it is going to be a major boost for the series.

There are a large number of cliffhangers after the ending of Season 3, and the fans of Agents of SHIELD are waiting for Season 4 to address them immediately. The first thing that fans were shocked to realize was that after the time jump of six months, Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) tells Mack (Henry Simmons) they need to inform the director that they have struck out with Daisy.

This dialogue was a bolt from the blue for the fans since they couldn’t believe that Coulson isn’t the director SHIELD anymore. While the fourth season of Agents of SHIELD is going to address this issue, some fans are looking forward to the San Diego Comic-Con to find out more about this.

Marvels is yet to decide their Agents of SHIELD panel, but Australian Network News reported that the official announcement is going to take place on or before 22nd July. Jeph Loeb, the head of Television for Marvel is going to be present for the event, and there is assurance that the cast members are going to throw light on all the details that the upcoming series will deal with.

There is already a lot of speculations on who is going to play the role of the new director for SHIELDS. Some are of the opinion that Nick Fury is going to play the role. This role has been graced by Samuel L. Jackson in the films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the fans are excited at the prospect of Samuel L. Jackson making his television debut with this role in Agents of SHIELD Season 4.