Mass Effect Andromeda: Will Science-Fiction Finally Evolve Into Reality? Let’s See

BioWare and EA created a new setting for their upcoming project, Mass Effect Andromeda. We have not received any major updates about this game so far but from the looks of the new E3 teaser trailer, the upcoming game will try very hard to turn science fiction into reality. According to the name, the game will focus on the Andromeda galaxy, which is the nearest major galaxy to Milky Way.

Ryder is the new protagonist in this title, and the story continues after the Mass Effect trilogy. In the original game, the relays made interstellar travel possible but in the upcoming game, the devices can easily travel from one galaxy to another. In the trailer, you can see a spaceship emerging after light speed travel and one of the in-game characters were waking up from sleep.

According to GameSpot, the scene shows that humans have developed Cryotechnology, through which they can travel great distances and survive at the same time. The developers haven’t issued a clear explanation regarding this topic, but it is possible that the civilizations which survived the Reaper purge, discovered intergalactic travel by studying these relays.

It is also possible that the spaceships are simply catapulted over great distances in space. With the new setting, BioWare will gain some creativity and flexibility as well. With the thorough depiction of various worlds and its inhabitants, the Mass Effect franchise is very popular among gamers.

In the real world, scientists have speculated that the Andromeda Galaxy will collide with Milky Way after four billion years. However, it doesn’t seem like the upcoming game will consider this theory.

In case you are wondering what EA and BioWare developers are doing with Mass Effect Andromeda, rest assured that they are very busy working hard on the game. We haven’t seen any major releases besides the E3 teaser trailer.

All that we have is a tweet from Mac Walters, BioWare’s creative director. According to him, the team is so focused on developing this game that he doesn’t even have any time to review it at all. The lack of updates clearly indicates that things are getting done, and it depends on whether you choose to believe it or not.

Andromeda Galaxy is extremely massive with 1 trillion stars and with the right kind of processing power; BioWare can produce some different cultures and settings. Andromeda is a perfect setting for BioWare’s upcoming open-world Mass Effect game.

Although Mass Effect is science-fiction, the development team will take certain liberties when artistically designing the new world in the upcoming game. However, there are several defining characteristics of this new world that should be considered by BioWare and EA.

First of all, interstellar travel began with mass relays and Mass Effect deals with the discovery of new civilizations, the presence of Reapers and the continuous cycle of harvesting sentient life-forms. With the help of these interstellar relays, the time Reapers needed for the next purge was greatly reduced.

There is a chance that different civilizations which survived the Reaper purge, studied the Relays properly to figure out intergalactic travel. At the same time, they could just be catapulting spaceships millions of light years away, placing them in foreign, mysterious galaxies. In reality, the Andromeda Galaxy is pretty close to the Milky Way.

They are the two biggest formations located in the local group, inside the Virgo Cluster. They are next-door neighbors. However, considering their size and masses, they are on completely different levels.

Within the gravitational confines of the Milky Way, there are 300 billion stars while the Andromeda Galaxy has around 1 trillion, as observed by Spitzer Space Telescope back in 2006.