New Characters Introduced In Reign Season 4, Catherine’s Daughter Set To Play An Important Role, Mary Gets Two New Suitors!

Reign Season 4 is going to have a long list of new characters, and one of the characters that the production team is still looking for is Leesa’s. Leesa is Catherine’s (Megan Follows) daughter, and the production team is still working on trying to find the actress who is perfect for the role. CW has not yet announced the name of the actor who is going to play the role of Leesa and hence the fans are set to believe that they still haven’t zeroed down on any actress.

The character of Leesa is going to play a vital role in Reign Season 4 and hence the production team is very particular about the actor they cast in the role. Leesa is going to bring in a lot of her emotion into the scenes when she comes in, and she needs to command an instant connection with the viewers.

According to Breathe Cast, Leesa is going to be the very simple daughter of Catherine, but the character is going to bring in more than what meets the eye at the first glance.There is a rumor that Leesa isn’t the favored daughter of Catherine, and hence there is in her, the constant desire to get her mother’s attention.

While there is no clue about how Leesa’s arrival will impact Mary, Queen of Scot(Adelaide Kane) and the others, there is speculation that she is surely going to play a critical role in the power struggle between the Scots and English.

Season 3 of Reign ended with Mary and Queen Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) starting on an inevitable war. Elizabeth executed Lola (Anna Popplewell) after she was caught trying to assassinate the Queen. This doesn’t go down well with Mary since Lola is her friend and she decides to take the throne of England and asks for Gideon’s (Ben Geurens) help.

Catherine de Medici will start Reign Season 4 on shaky grounds since she has been ousted by her son, Charles (Spencer MacPherson). With Catherine treated in such a terrible manner by her one of her son, the upcoming season is going to focus on her relationship with her other two children, Henry, and Leesa.

The character of Henry has been portrayed by Jackson Hodge-Carter, but will now be played by a new actor. Henry isn’t going to be happy with the fact that his older brother is on the throne of France.

Reign Season 4 is also going to reveal Henry in the light of some notorious activities that will include women and jewels. Leesa is going to be the one to root for since even though she looks meek, she wields a lot of power and is also vested with a weird sense of humor. Her presence in the French court is surely going to have some effect in the never ending battle in the Scot and British courts.

The fourth season of Reign is going to introduce Lord Darnley and Bothwell, as two new suitors for Queen Mary. Reign had shown Lola to be Mary’s love interest in the previous seasons, and she was executed in Season 3.

This has caused fans to speculate that Mary might have new suitors this time. According to history, Mary marries Lord Darnley, but he is later killed, and Mary becomes the prime suspect.