Anime Expo 2016 Expected To Throw Light On One Punch Man Season 2, Saitama To Fight Three Villains, Likely To Be Released In October!

There has been no news about the release date of One Punch Man Season 2. Since the Anime Expo 2016 is around the corner, there are some fans of the show who feel that the event is going to reveal some news about the release date of Season 2 of One Punch Man. There is an event called the One Punch Matsuri at the expo, and this favors the news that the expo will throw light on One Punch Man Season 2.

Yibada has reported that Makoto Furukawa, who is the voice actor for Saitama on One Punch Man, is going to be present at the event as a guest. There is a report stating that even the creator, Yusuke Murata and the director of One Punch Man Season 2, Shingo Natsume, are expected to be a part of the event. With the important people from the anime attending the 2nd July event, there is a high chance of some information being released.

With no official news forthcoming, fans have been speculating on the release date, and there are some rumors that Season 2 is going to premiere in October. Christian Times has come out to reveal that October does look like a possible time for the release of One Punch Man Season 2. The first season had ended in December 2015 and the creator Yusuke Murata had already been working on season 2, and this makes October a possibility.

While October seems like a possibility, there is news suggesting a possible delay in One Punch Man Season 2 since the anime doesn’t have enough source material to work on.

Even though creator Yusuke Murata has been updating the chapters of the manga, the process is a slow one, and there still isn’t enough material to work out the anime from the original. The creators of the anime want to be loyal to the manga, and hence they do not want to proceed without original content.

The fans understand the delay since Yusuke Murata has to work on the original manga and the anime. He has to illustrate the original manga and develop the anime for a quick release, and it is a time-consuming process. Murata has also been busy working on a new manga, Manga Artist’s Late-Night Snack Laboratory.

The fans of One Punch Man have a lot of time since there is absolutely no news about the second season. They have devoted the time to speculate on the fate of the upcoming season and the possible plot for the same.

There is a rumor that the story arc for One Punch Man Season 2 will deal with the civil war. The anime will show the war between the Hero Hunter group and the Hero Association.

There is speculation that Lord Boros is going to be back. He had been defeated in Season 1 of One Punch Man by Saitama, the hero of the anime. Lord Boros is going to be back stronger, with a fully regenerated arm.

Saitama had fought Lord Boros when the aliens invaded Earth in Season 1 of One Punch Man. Lord Boros had suffered a nasty defeat in the hands of Saitama, and he is going to try and seek revenge for the same.

Apart from Boros, there is a chance that Saitama will encounter two more villains in One Punch Man Season 2.