NBA 2K16: Numerous Gameplay Features Added, O’Shea Jackson Jr. Is Upset about Kobe Bryant’s Present In-Game Rating!

With the help of more than 200 new size-up animations, the floor game is really boosted and it helps to break down the defense with the help of your favorite ball handlers. The size-ups can be further branched at any times and they look great as well. With the help of this, the physical on-ball defenders appear much more dominant in nature.

A lot of improvements have also been added to the moving body up ride system. The collisions are more intense and they appear much more appropriate. At the same time, they appear more responsive for both the dribbler and the defender.

The playing on ball defense is also much nicer. In case of on-ball defense, a new Dynamic Assist feature further brings more improvements. With the intense D-trigger being pressed harder, more assist is provided to the gamer as an on-ball defender. This feature has been added in order to improve the ability to play defense online.

The strength can also be changed using a slider and you can also turn it off. In the meantime, present reports indicate that the Phoenix Suns are coming to NBA 2K16. The two new teams which are playable in NBA 2K16 are ’04-’05 Suns & ’05-’06 Heat. They are the first Suns team to be used as a featured classic team in the NBA 2K series.

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