Avatar 2: Production Delayed For Lack Of Technological Support, Cameron Promises to Fans, and More!

The much anticipated sequel to Avatar is making a lot of news recently. Fans are excited about the fact that there are going to be not one, but three sequels to the highly acclaimed sci-fi film.

James Cameron the director had expressed a desire to make four sequels, but he was contract-bound to make three sequels only and he had to stick to the plan. According to Cameron, the amount of material he has about Pandora and the world of Avatar, even four sequels wouldn’t have done justice to it.

Cameron is currently reworking on the scripts since he was writing them with a vision of four sequels and has to now tone it down to three sequels. The film scripts for Avatar 2, Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 has to be completed at the same time since they will be shot simultaneously.

Once the production for Avatar 2 starts, Cameron will not have any time to work on the other scripts and hence he needs to wrap up the work on the scripts for Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 beforehand. Avatar 2 is likely to be shot in New Zealand.

There are a lot of speculations about the plot for Avatar 2. There was news about the film being delayed because director James Cameron doesn’t have adequate technological support to film underwater sequences.

The production team needed better equipment to film underwater sequences that would capture the actors’ emotions clearly. This had hinted at the fact that Avatar 2 will deal with the water ecosystem of the moon-planet Pandora.

Latest news as reported by Christian Today states that the film will also have a prison theme. This news has come from Gökşan Özman, the artist who is working on the poster for the upcoming movie.

Chairman and CEO of 20th Century Fox, Jim Gianopulos has said that Cameron is working hard on Avatar 2, Avatar 3 and Avatar 4. In order to be in the zone when he is working, Cameron has filled his work space completely with images of the characters and settings of the world he is out to create.

There have been no confirmation about the prison theme and with Gianopulos has not mentioned anything about it, fans are still not convinced on the statement given by Özman. Özman is a noted artist who has worked on films like Noah, Gravity and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Avatar was a huge success and the production company are going all out to make sure that Avatar 2 is a bigger success than the previous one. Master Herald has reported that there are plans of expanding the universe beyond the domain of the film; to make something that expands to the physical world as well.

There are speculations that Avatar 2 will have a whole new theme park build to promote it. There are going to be various elements from the world of Pandora in the park that will allow the visitors to live through the moments that they have seen on screen, in real life as well.

While work on the theme park is on, Cameron is waiting for the technological world to provide him with the right tools to implement his vision on screen. He wants so motion capture technology that will let him shoot underwater effortlessly.

Cameron and his team are supposedly planning to create graphics for the water ecosystem of Pandora. In order to do so, the director will need tools to capture motion sequences. Weta Digital, the studio that has been working closely with Cameron to create Pandora is again associated with Avatar 2.