NBA 2K16: Numerous Gameplay Features Added, O’Shea Jackson Jr. Is Upset about Kobe Bryant’s Present In-Game Rating!

Recently, a new blog post from 2K Sports detailed all the gameplay improvements to be featured in the upcoming basketball game. The various improvements, range from enhanced player movements to improved physics and much more.

According to 2K Sports Mike Wang, the team wanted player movement to be more fluid and also wished that the virtual characters would be more aware of their surroundings. This mainly helps the game to get a life-like setting.

As a result, in order to fix the problem, the team re-wrote the motion system. As a result, gamers will now be able to read what the players are trying to do and whether they are a part of a play or not. When comparing last year’s title to this year’s NBA 2K16, this is something that emerges as a definite improvement.

In the meantime, Ice Cube’s son, O’Shea Jackson Jr. isn’t happy at all, thanks to Kobe Bryant’s rating in NBA 2K16. Jackson was recently questioned by TMZ regarding his Lakers loyalty to which he replied that he is a Lakers fan for life. He was asked about Bryant’s rating, which is the lowest of his career but he interrupted the TMZ reporter in a dubious tone.

He is aware of the 85 rating and expressed his feelings about how quickly ‘they forget’. He stated,”… as long as Kobe Bryant is wearing the golden jersey, I feel like I can win the championship.” Even with his low rating, Ice Cube Jr. is sticking with Kobe Bryant in 2K.

Meanwhile, let’s get back to the gameplay features. One of the biggest features to be introduced in NBA 2KL6 is the addition of third party unique mindsets for every coach in the league.

The first major feature is the stress on creating a more ‘living world’ which features detailed interaction between players, proper fan reactions along with development of unique identity for each team.

With the new emphasis on differentiating each team from one another, opposition squads will be running plays and reacting to situations in a more characteristic fashion. At the same time, this is a minor part of the gameplay but the act of sizing an opponent has been further improved and expanded.

Players will now be able to choose from 4 unique size-up moves and they can be executed in any direction. They are best suited for drawing a defender before driving him to the rim, using a surprise jump shot or just passing some time while surveying the floor. At the same time, the flashier and more effective size-up moves will remain reserved for the more skillful ball-handlers of this game.

The controllable flick-flick finishes will allow you to control when and how finish your up and under and step thru shots unlike previous years, where you were forced to do whatever the animation wanted you to do. At the same time, the pump fake draw foul shots have made a comeback. The defensive movement is more responsive both on ball and off and this further lends a fantastic feel while properly balancing the game.

New jump shot types have been included in order to cover various cases for preventing momentum pops and weird facing. Gamers are also given the ability to maintain your dribble while pulling off an off-shot. The shot release speeds have been tweaked in order to remove some hitches delays that gamers may have experienced in the past. There is also support for signature size-ups in all directions.