Downton Abbey Season 6: Show Creator Promises Happy Ending, Characters Find Love, Queen Elizabeth Enjoys Spotting Mistake!

Downton Abbey is the longest showing British drama and the show is going to draw the curtains after the sixth season. The fans have been witnessing the Crawley family and their ups and downs for almost ten years now and they are hopeful that the last season will satisfy all their queries about the series.

Downton Abbey Season 6 is going to open in 1925 and will showcase a whole lot of drama, but the ending is going to be one full with the prospects of a happy ending for all the characters. The trailer for the last season are already out and the first one shows Lord Grantham bidding a sad goodbye to Mr. Butler, who has served him as a valet for a long time.

Another moment in the trailer shows Lady Mary and her handmaiden, Anna talking and reminiscing about the times they have been through. Michelle Dockery, who plays the role of Lady Mary has recently disclosed in an interview with Harper Bazar, that something shocking is in store for Lady Mary.

Lady Mary has been through a lot. She has recently become a business woman, having given up on romance and happiness. There have been a lot of U-turns in her life, but Michelle Dockery has revealed that things are set to be bigger this season.

Lady Mary ended up losing her husband in Downton Abbey Season 3 and since then she has spent her life in mourning, trying to get over her husband and finding a new love. Season 6 might see her finding her true love since Matthew Goode is set to become a part of the final season.

Downton Abbey Season 6 is set to release in UK on 20th September and the trailer was released right on time for it. The score for the trailer of the final season has been composed by Andrea Bocelli. The song Time to Say Goodbye, surely adds a touch of nostalgia for the fans.

The video is all of 60 seconds and it highlights moments of closure and some melodramatic instances involving some of the favourite characters from the series. The moments that have been depicted in the video have all given the fans a glimpse of what’s going to be in store for them in Downton Abbey Season 6.

The show creator Julian Fellowes had revealed that season 6 will be the last that Downton Abbey will see. Director Gareth Neame had said that Downton Abbey could have continued for some more seasons because there are more stories left to unravel, however, they wanted the curtains to come down when it felt natural.

It is a better move to end a series when popularity of it is still high and fans will miss it rather than ending it when enjoys no fan support. One of the main complaints that shows, which abruptly ends face is that they do not do justice to the plot.

Julian Fellowes has taken special steps to make sure that the fans do not feel cheated with the show coming to an end. He will do everything to make sure that all the characters get a closure and a happy ending. He has also promised fans that all their queries and doubts will be clarified before the final credits roll.

Cartermatt has reported something very interesting about the series Downton Abbey. Apparently the British monarch Queen Elizabeth likes to spot inaccuracies in the series. Brian Hoey the author of At Home with the Queen has said that the Queen likes to pick out mistakes in the popular series.