Downton Abbey Season 6: Show Creator Promises Happy Ending, Characters Find Love, Queen Elizabeth Enjoys Spotting Mistake!

In one of the episodes she spotted a young British officer wearing a medal that hadn’t been awarded at that time. The officer was fighting in the First World War but the award he had received wasn’t awarded until the Second World War.

Season 6 of Downton Abbey is going to be filled with bitter sweet moments. Lady Edith is set to finally get a love and fans are hoping it is Mr Pelham. It is going to be interesting to see how their love life develops.

Edith has inherited the printing press in London and fans will have to wait and watch to see if she moves on with Pelham and stays in the country side or does she move to London to establish herself as a journalist. Photographs from the shoot sites have already revealed that a wedding is on the cards in Downton Abbey season 6; characters have been spotted wearing wedding fineries.

With all this coming our way fans will be sitting at the edge of their seat for the action to unfold. US audience will however have to wait until next year to watch it.

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