NBA 2K16: NBA Players Concerned About Their In-Game Ratings, New Promo Features LeBron James and Paul Pierce, More Details

In the past, we have seen football players being concerned about their ratings in various titles of the Madden NFL franchise. Right now, it seems like even Basketball players are quite serious about their ratings in the NBA 2K games.

Although it seemed like Isaiah Thomas of Boston Celtics was good humored about his decreased rating, using ‘LOL’ and ‘j/k’, but in reality, he is truly thinking about how his rating should be higher.

Isaiah Thomas managed 16.4 points per game in the form of an instant source of offense off the bench for the Celtics during the last season and he also secured 19 points per contest during the playoffs.

As a result, it seems like his ratings should have at least been pushed to the mid-80s. Due to his foot injuries, Kevin Durant was limited to 27 games last season but he has currently declared himself to the best NBA player.

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