Ali Larter Reveals Rumors, Plot Details and Much More on Resident Evil: The Final Chapter with Reports of a Story Involving the Red Queen

The latest and possibly the last film in the science fiction action-horror franchise, Resident Evil has entered its production phase and from the looks of it, Alice has stepped up to save mankind for one last time before goodbye.

The sixth entry in this franchise will be officially called Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and it will be produced as well as released in 3D. Currently, there is no official word regarding the definite release date of this title in the theaters but present rumors indicate that the producers are aiming for a September 2016 release for the final installment in this very successful franchise so far.

According to Sony, this franchise has enjoyed its release date of September and therefore it has decided to choose the same for the upcoming movie as well. Meanwhile, there are on-going rumors that Resident Evil: The Final Chapter might not actually be ‘The Final Chapter’ of this celebrated franchise.

This is because the movie is quite tentative and there is a high possibility for it to change. There are several reports which claim that there is another movie coming after Resident Evil: The Final Chapter as this movie cannot really offer a proper closure for Alice and her story within a matter of just two hours.

However, Alice has been killing zombies in style for quite a few years now and the name is a clear indication that this movie is probably destined to be the last. This movie has been declared to be the last movie in the franchise by Sony and Screen Gems.

Meanwhile, an IMDB report states that The Final Chapter will be the last movie in this popular zombie apocalypse movie franchise until a particular reboot has been decided to hit production. In reality, the last film of this franchise was supposed to release in theaters by September 2014 and it was expected that filming was begin in South Africa in the early 2014s.

However, Mila Jovovich and her husband, Paul Anderson discovered that they were expecting their second child and as a result, they had to push production to the summer of 2015. They actually met during the making of the first Resident Evil movie and in 2007, it was reported that this couple was expecting their first baby.

They welcomed their first child and daughter Ever Gabo on 2007 November. They got engaged in March 2009 and later married in August of same year. The couple’s second daughter Dashiel Edan was born on 1st April 2015.

A little while ago, Mila Jovovich provided an update regarding the highly anticipated film. Jovovich revealed a behind-the-scenes photo of herself in the popular social networking app, Instagram and it shows her getting a face cast while possibly getting ready for her role as Alice.

From what it looked like, our favorite Ukrainian actress was quite excited about this upcoming film when she posted the photo online. She was also getting ready to fly to Cape Town, South Africa where scenes for the upcoming movie will be shot. It was revealed that principal photography will begin in August.

The primary storyline of all the movies in this franchise is lightly based on the Resident Evil video game series by Capcom. It showcases a post-apocalyptic world where Alice and her teammates must keep fighting off the zombies created by an evil biological pharmaceutical company known as Umbrella Corporation.

In the beginning, Alice, played by Mila Jovovich in the movie, was actually a security operative for this crooked company but later became their enemy as she didn’t like their methods. The franchise been spanning over a decade with five movies released so far.