Ali Larter Reveals Rumors, Plot Details and Much More on Resident Evil: The Final Chapter with Reports of a Story Involving the Red Queen

They are Resident Evil which released in 2002followed by Resident Evil” Apocalypse in 2004, Resident Evil: Extinction in 2007. After 3 years, Resident Evil: Afterlife was released, followed by the 2012 release of Resident Evil: Retribution.

The next installment in the Resident Evil franchise is scheduled to have a 2017 release date and reports suggest that the crew has started filming in South Africa. An interview that was conducted recently with Ali Larter recently revealed the final details of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. For those who are not aware, she played Chris Redfield in the Resident Evil movies. She further declared that this will be the final movie in the franchise after its debut 13 years ago.

In the beginning, it was believed that the last movie will be called ‘The Rising’ but in reality, it will be named ‘The Final Chapter’. The entire franchise so far has made around $915,934,664 in box office and with the upcoming movie; it is being expected to cross the 1 billion mark. According to the synopsis of the movie in IMDB, Project Alice will be forced to race against time as the evil Red Queen tries to destroy the final remnants of humanity.

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