GTA 5 Update Release Date Rumored to be 1st/2nd September, Further Details on Lowrider Cars, Editor Mode, New Gameplay and Mission Categories!

The GTA gamers are currently expecting something exciting as some new gameplay content and features were revealed by renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW and they are expected to be present in the upcoming DLC for GTA Online.

The information regarding the leaked DLC was released by popular GTA tipster named funmw2 through a recent post on the GTA forums. Ross has infused his own opinion along with information received from various reputed sources like funmw2 and finally revealed a possible set of features and DLC content that can be featured in the upcoming GTA 5 Update.

Rockstar has also declared about the release of Rockstar Editor for PS4 and Xbox One, which will be a major part of the upcoming DLC update for GTA Online. In the meantime, official confirmation regarding any of the features has not been provided by Rockstar.

They have simply disclosed that it will be an upcoming September release. Funmw2 also states that Rockstar has confirmed a new game mode through a recent Newswire post. Furthermore, this new mission type blip uses the ‘Lamar’ icon in the game.

Reports suggest that the new DLC update will feature gang attacks, contract missions, Adversary modes, contact mission as well as some new heists. The new mission type could have a similarity with gang attacks which means that you can easily trigger it while playing the GTA Online free-mode.

It is being suggested that the developers might be introducing one of the characters in the single player game of GTA 5, into the online version. This has already been done with Ron, Trevor and Lester. People who missed the GTA Online tutorial have also lost the opportunity of meeting Lamar, during the intro portion of the game.

The presence of Lamar in the intro might indicate that this is somehow connected to his upcoming DLC character in the next GTA 5 Update.

Funmw2 was asked some further questions regarding various expectations and he replied that the next update could feature creator update, Rockstar Editor, stunt races, 12 new vehicles along with a new mission category or free-mode activity.

He also cited the report that the next DLC has been named ‘Low’ which could possibly mean the addition of Lowrider cars or a Lowlife update to be featured in the online mode. There will be separate DLC releases containing the stunt races and creator update for GTA 5.

Adversary Modes will be similar to what we saw in Heists DLC of GTA Online. Bomb to Base and CopsNCrooks, two of the popular multiplayer modes from GTA 4 could be introduced to GTA Online as well.

Grand Theft Auto 5 came with some really unique and fun features due to which it sold millions of copies all over the world. This included progression through completion of quests, open world roaming and others which are considered to be its strong points.

People who are playing GTA should be happy to know that the latest leaks point towards a Sep 1st or 2nd release of the coming update. IB Times UK reported that a YouTuber named DomisLive has talked about the possible rumors surrounding the release dates and furthermore awaiting official confirmation from Rockstar.

This report was introduced after a previous one which suggested that several DLC files from the upcoming update have been leaked. The next GTA 5 update will be available for PC as well as the other two consoles, Xbox One and PS4. The much rumored update is expected to provide a new level of gameplay in GTA.

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