Mr. Robot Season 2 To Premiere on Amazon Prime on July 13, Sneak Peeks into The Upcoming Season!

It has been revealed by Esmail that the upcoming season will pick off right after the events which were shown in the previous episode. He added that that the showrunners are taking some risks with the show this time around.

Some rumors related to the show are doing rounds which state that Tyrell Wellick might become the leader of the fsociety. A trailer for the upcoming season of Mr. Robot has been released and it shows that Christian Slater’s Mr. Robot telling his son that a leader will be required to ensure the survival of the fsociety.

However, given the mental condition of Elliot, it is unlikely that he will be able to lead the society. In that case, the most likely choice to become the leader is Tyrell Wellick. The upcoming season might see them working in collaboration with each other to achieve their goals. The FBI is expected to come after the fsociety in the upcoming season.

That being said, it was seen in the previous season that Tyrell Wellick disappears. Fans are speculating that the upcoming season will shed more light on the disappearance of the character.

Stay tuned for more updates on Mr. Robot Season 2.