Motorola Droid Turbo Expected to Get Android Lollipop v5.1 Soon, More Details

Motorola has been running soak tests on all its devices to help unearth compatibility issues and other bugs. The Android Lollipop v5.0 was plagued by bugs during its initial days and the Moto G and X users had to go through a rough patch while Motorola was working on the fix. The Motorola Droid Turbo users have been spared the pain, as the stable version of Android Lollipop is unlikely to sport any major glitches as numerous hours of prepping have gone into fixing the glitches.

Experts claim that Motorola will roll out the Lollipop v5.1 upgrade to the existing users before formally launching the OS on the Droid Turbo. Assuming that the rumors are true, Motorola Turbo Droid users will have to wait a little longer than the Moto G and X users for their shot at Android Lollipop v5.1.

When Motorola launched the Droid Turbo back in 2014, it had every necessary ingredient required to propel it to the pinnacle of the smartphone industry. The only major drawback was the exclusion of Android Lollipop. With all that about to change soon, Motorola could be looking at a new best-seller from their stables.

However, we hope that their attitude towards the Droid Turbo changes, as the company hasn’t been taking their flagship model seriously! Stay tuned for additional news, reports and updates from the world of electronics.