Fallout 4: LinkedIn Profile Reveals Trailer Details, Bethesda Remains Tight-Lipped, And More

Fallout has been one of the most popular gaming series. Fallout 3 was released five years back and since then we have not heard much from the developers of the game. Fans have been waiting desperately for Fallout 4, but there hasn’t been any official confirmation about the same as of now.

There have been reports that say that Bethesda, the developers of the Fallout series of games will make an official announcement about the release date for Fallout 4 at the E3 2015. With no official details regarding the same being given by the officials, fans are wondering whether Fallout 4 will be spoken about at the mega event.

Experts have been suggesting that even if Fallout 4 is officially announced, there is hardly any chance of seeing the game hit the market within this year.

There has been rumours surrounding Fallout 4 and the most recent one comes from a LinkedIn profile of a 3D artist. The artist claims to have worked on the cinematic effects of the much awaited Fallout 4 for a span of three months, from December 2014 to March 2015. Artist claims that the work was done for Mirada Studios.

The news hit internet at a lightning speed and it was a website named Destructoid who went ahead to publish the news on the web. Soon after this officials of Mirada contacted the people behind the website and instructed them to remove the news. Is this a hint that Fallout 4 is actually in plans and that it was this artist who broke the Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Bethesda is also developing the upcoming game Doom as well. Now it is to be seen whether the announcements that will be made by the company at E3 2015 will be relating to Fallout 4 or Doom. The company has always been good at keeping secrets till the very last moment thus we cannot really expect anything coming from the horse’s mouth until it’s at E3.