Criminal Minds Season 10: Jennifer Hewitt Takes A Break, Season 11 Spoilers Revealed, And More

Criminal Minds Season 10 came to an end on May 6th with a season finale that has lived up to the expectations of its fans. It was in the finale where the fans were informed that actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, who played Kate Callahan in the series, will not be continuing in the 11th season of Criminal Minds. This news was confirmed by Erica Messer, the showrunner of the successful series.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has a good enough reason to step down from Criminal Minds. The actress is pregnant with her second child and has made it clear that she would like to give time to her baby and family. She has always been a hands-on mom and wants to continue with it.

The finale of Criminal Minds Season 10 showed Kate Callahan putting forward her papers and resigning from the FBI. Hewitt’s pregnancy was written into the plot and the finale also was executed in a fashion that gave a strong reason for her character’s departure.

The plot shows Kate resigning her after hearing the tragedy that has occurred with her niece, Meg. She says that she needs time to come in terms with the fact and also that she would like to focus on the child which is due for delivery.

Criminal Minds Season 10 started by showing that an online auction was conducted, where girls would be sold to creeps. By the end of the season the show ended on a positive note where the FBI was successful in nabbing both the auctioneers and those who bought these girls.

Erica Messer has gone ahead to give spoilers for Season 11 of Criminal Minds. She has spoken about plans to replace Jennifer Love with A. J. Cook who also happens to be pregnant in real life.

Erica also disclosed her idea where she says that instead of bringing new characters in the show they plan to re-instate old faces. She has confirmed that Hewitt is taking a break and will be back for Season 12. This has excited the fans since this confirms to subsequent seasons.