Criminal Minds Season 10: Jennifer Hewitt Takes A Break, Season 11 Spoilers Revealed, And More

Messer went on to say that the creative team hadn’t thought at the beginning of the 10th season that they will have two pregnant actresses by the end of it. She says it is difficult to say what will happen in the next 2 years to come and hence any plan of season 12 is just in the planning mode.

The executive producer said that the writers are keeping provisions for guest actors to come in and portray characters since Cooks will be joining them a little late in the upcoming season due to her maternity leave.

Messer revealed the fact that it was Hewitt who was the first of the two to break the news of pregnancy. She says she is very happy with the way the show is going and with Kate asking for time on the show, it makes things more realistic and tells people how things work in the real world.

Criminal Minds has always been one show where the plot and action has kept the viewers on the edge of their seat and Season 10 with its plot on cyber auctioning has again hit the bull’s eye.