Fallout 4: LinkedIn Profile Reveals Trailer Details, Bethesda Remains Tight-Lipped, And More

With MrMatty Talks uploading a video that gives out the fact that he is happy to hear that trailers of Fallout 4 is being worked upon, there are fans who find it disappointing to have such an unofficial announcement for the much awaited game.

Bethesda is always tight-lipped about any information about the game. Fans are not yet sure if the news broken by the anonymous person on LinkedIn and then the video does actually confirm the game or whether it is all just flying news in the air.

It is only E3 2015 where fans can have some official news about the fate of the game. Experts say it is in line, but we are yet to know whether it will be Doom or Fallout 4 that will get the confirmations first.

Fallout 4 trailer is going to be made by a movie studio and this has caused much concern because the fans are unsure whether the trailer will be true to the final product. There has been games in the past that have gone to movie studios to get there trailers, but the final product hasn’t been true to the gameplay.

This year’s E3 is looking to become one of the most awaited events for gamers. Fans of Fallout 4 have their fingers crossed.