BMW i5 to Become Direct Competitor to 2014 Tesla Model S with Latter Chosen for Bosch’s Self-Driving Vehicle Technology Demonstration, More Information!

The latest reports suggest that a BMW i5 plug-in sedan is under development. It is not a pure electric car similar to the 2014 Tesla Model S but the report indicates that it will be a plug-in hybrid. It is due to this that most people aren’t considering it to be any real competition to the 2014 Tesla Model S and most of the Tesla fan boys are certainly looking the other way. However, we need to keep in mind that any $80,000 sedan with a plug is definitely going to turn out to be a Tesla Model S competitor.

Anybody who thinks otherwise is simply kidding himself. Right now, you need to be clear that there are a growing number of worldwide electric fans who are currently swearing off conventional fuels forever.  No matter how much they emphasize on being environment-friendly and loving electric cars, the fact remains that a very small proportion of the new car market is occupied by pure electric car sales.

Even if you include all the various plug-in hybrids, it hardly makes up to 3% of the present American car market. Meanwhile, it seems like BMW has already noticed how much the people like vehicles combining gas engines and electric motors. As a result, they have started looking at what the rivals are offering and decided to begin developing a plug-in hybrid of their own. No matter what BMW offers, one can never ignore the 2014 Tesla Model S has it’s immensely popular in U.S and Europe.

However, the public struggles that are being faced by Tesla in China indicate that people are still worried about range. BMW is not Tesla but it’s impossible for them to disregard the progress made by the latter. BMW doesn’t need to make an all-electric model like the 2014 Tesla Model S.