BMW i5 to Become Direct Competitor to 2014 Tesla Model S with Latter Chosen for Bosch’s Self-Driving Vehicle Technology Demonstration, More Information!

Instead, the company simply needs to build a model that is as cool, as compelling and similarly powerful because in the end, that’s what people expect when shelling out 6-digit figures for their automobile. Rumors indicate that BMW has planned an 80-mile electric driving range, 640HP offspring with a $100,000 price tag. If these turn out to be true, it will be difficult to deny the fact that it is going to be a 2014 Tesla Model S competitor.

The upcoming BMW i5 and the 2014 Tesla Model S do seem like competitors as both of them are four-door luxury sedans with a plugs and breathtaking performance. Meanwhile, the 2014 Tesla Model S was the vehicle of choice for the showcase of Bosch’s autonomous driving technology. According to recent reports, Bosch has managed to use various parts of a self-driving vehicle into their present project.

The car is highly capable of adaptive cruise control, automated parking while supporting road sign assist. Right now, the company is also planning to add a new traffic jam assist which will bring modern cars one-step closer to being a truly automated vehicle. The new features will allow them to take control of the car’s acceleration, steering and braking in order to deliver a more competent driving experience.

According to critics, the Tesla Model S is a great choice for Bosch’s showcase since in technological terms; it is a highly advanced car.

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