Mortal Kombat X: DLC Pack 2 Released In 2016, The Joker Excluded from Kombat Pack 2 While Sektor and Alien’s Inclusion Rumored, More Details

Among the top contenders to appear in Kombat Pack 2, are Smoke, Rain and Sindel. Teasers involving these three characters have been doing rounds on the internet for quite some time now. According to Screenrant, Baraka will also be a part of the DLC pack, as indicated by the fighter silhouettes in the teaser.

The Kombat Pack 2 not will not only add new characters to the game, it will also make new character skins available for the fans to use and customize their favorite characters. It is also rumored that the DLC pack would add a new stage to the game.

All being said, fans will have to wait it out till 2016 when the Kombat Pack 2 will be rolled out by the developers, to know for sure which of their favorite characters are involved in the game and which of them are left out and also what other new aspects have been added to the game.

Gamers have seen that using Kotal Kahn, one of the strongest characters in the game, they could deal 100%+ damage to their opponents using Kotal’s strength and combination of special abilities. It is now revealed that Kotal Kahn could be used to deal a mind boggling 218% damage to opponents!

In the Blood God variation, Kotal’s special abilities – Crystal Totem, Blood Offering, God Ray and multiple Mace Parries could be combined to literally destroy any opponent. According to a popular website, the first combo could be used to deal 200% damage to the opponent while the second one could fetch a devastating 218%.

Readers can see the effects of the combo here.

Stay tuned for more update on Mortal Kombat X.