Mortal Kombat X: DLC Pack 2 Released In 2016, The Joker Excluded from Kombat Pack 2 While Sektor and Alien’s Inclusion Rumored, More Details

Recent announcements from the developer of Mortal Kombat X, NetherRealm and its publisher Warner Bros. regarding a second DLC pack for the game has generated quite a buzz among fans. It has been stated in the announcements that the second DLC pack which has been named Kombat Pack 2, will allow gamers to play the game with a bunch of new characters.

As expected this news has caused quite a stir among fans and they are excited and eager to know who these new characters will be. The developer, NetherRealm has not revealed the new characters yet but it isn’t stopping fans from speculating and guessing as to who these new characters would be.

The first DLC pack of the game, Kombat Pack, had previously made some significant additions to the game and thus the expectations regarding a second DLC pack are sky high.

According to a report of the Christian Post, the new DLC pack which will be made available to the fans in 2016, contains new Kombatants, the news of which only adds to the excitement of the fans. Fans are speculating that the new Kombatants could be from the Mortal Kombat Universe and even from the Warner Bros. movie franchises.

NetherRealm is generally known to do something different, nothing is impossible for this developer and thus fans are not sure exactly what to expect and so they are expecting anything and their expectations include Kombatants from movies too.

Fans would like to see characters like Superman, Green Lantern, The Joker, Bane, etc incorporated into the game.

In a Twitter post by the game’s director, Ed Boon, some distorted snaps of the film Straight Outta Compton showing some characters from the film could be seen. The characters showed resemblance to Sektor and Alien and the post was titled Straight Outta KP2 where KP2 could stand for Kombat Pack 2. This has further strengthened the fact that both Sektor and Alien will be a part of Kombat Pack 2.

Another report by a renowned website states that DC characters may not be a part of the Mortal Kombat gaming universe. Speculations regarding the characters began in early September when Ed Boon posted a teaser poster which showed four fighter silhouettes.

One of them had quite a likeness to the arch nemesis of the Batman, The Joker and this got fans and sites into believing that The Joker might be a part of Kombat Pack 2.

However, in an Interview with the Polygon, Ed Boon said that he does not have any intention to include any DC characters in the gameplay of Mortal Kombat X.

He stated that it would not be in his liking to bring in characters like the Batman or Superman into the Mortal Kombat gaming world and then and then cut their heads off or kill them in showdowns against other characters in the game.

Though Ed Boon did not specifically mention anything about The Joker in his statements, it could be assumed that he was speaking about the complete DC universe as a whole and he felt the same regarding all the other DC characters beyond the ones mentioned in his statement.