New Epilogue DLC and Major Patch to Be Released For Dragon Age Inquisition While Solas Character Kit Has Already Been Launched, More Details

The Game of the Year Edition of Dragon Age Inquisition was announced last week and from the looks of it, it is an impressive package. The gameplay and story content released so far in BioWare’s popular RPG title will be included in this package.

This will further include The Jaws of Hakkon, The Trespasser expansions and The Descent along with the minor stuff like bonus gear and weapons.

However, keep in mind that the game will be available in disc but there will not be any extra content. Responding to an enquiry, the Dragon Age Inquisition Twitter account declared that all the bonus content will be available through a download code.

As a result, chances are there will be a lot of download codes. There are three full expansions included in the Game of the Year edition and also comes with everything that was included in the Deluxe Edition along with the spoils of Qunari and the Spoils of Avvar pack.

They can be normally attained through downloads but one of the major advantages of the GOTY edition is that the amount of convenience that comes with it.

There are many people who suffer from tight data caps and slow connections. These people can spare the hassle and get the latest version of the game with all its trimmings, packed inside a disc.

This is an easy and comparatively cheap way to pick up the complete package. However, the problem of dealing with download codes is still prevalent. The Game of the Year Edition of Dragon Age Inquisition will release on 6th October.

During PAX Prime this weekend, BioWare announced the final DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition but it comes with something that gamers probably didn’t expect. The DLC is actually an epilogue to the main game and is known as ‘The Trespasser’. According to creative director Mike Laidlaw, it comes with something that they haven’t tried before.

The story explores the facts and features of what it is like to be a world-saving organization, especially when the world no longer needs any saving. In this DLC, players will have to talk and meet with new friends during an effort to discover the new threats.

From the sound of Trespasser, it seems like it will wrap up the overall Inquisition story and slowly tease what’s coming next. Reports indicate that it might contain hints about the future of Thedas and gamers will finally have to decide the fate of the Inquisition they worked so hard to build.

Keep in mind that you need to beat the main storyline before you can begin with Trespasser. It will launch on 8th September but the price remains unannounced.

Laidlaw declared that this content marks the end of their time with Inquisition and he sincerely hopes that people get to enjoy it. Meanwhile, a new patch for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC Editions of the game was also declared at PAX Prime.

The patch will come with the usual fixes and will further include new functionality and features which come for free.

Laidlaw said, “First, the Golden Nug lets you ‘sync’ your collectibles across games after you’ve completed Dragon Age: Inquisition’s main story. To take advantage of this, head to the Skyhold Undercroft post game and click the new Golden Nug statue.